About the Club

About The Club

Mar gheall ar an gclub

Cormac McAnallen’s GAC was founded in January 2005, as a living tribute to the late Tyrone Captain, whose exemplary approach to life set an example to our generation of GAA sportsmen and women.

From the outset, the objective was to honour the legacy of this great gael, by building a strong club that would compete across all codes, representing men and women, welcoming members from the 32 counties of Ireland.

Today the club is represented in Men’s Football, Hurling, Camogie and Ladies Football, and is an integral part of the Irish GAA community in Sydney.  With a 200-strong member base and a history of success with a sporting attitude, Cormac McAnallens GAC is a leading GAA club in Sydney, with an open door and ready welcome for new members and supporters.

Contact us: cormacmcanallensgac@gmail.com

Read about the History and Ethos of the Club

Cormac McAnallens GAC


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